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Quizzes 131-140

Quizzes 131-140 will all have the popular four rounds of crafted questions on General Knowledge, Music, Sport and Film & TV along with some belter Picture Rounds… there’s only Quiz 131 in this section at the mo but we’re working

Enjoy A Fabulous 50% Off February… Again!

Get 50 Percent Off Everything in February

Fancy a 50% discount on every Quiz you purchase in February? Yes, you read it right, every single Quiz you buy in February could be half price! We ran this promo in 2019 and it was well received so let’s

Send in the Clowns

Clowns Election Composition

In celebration of the upcoming election we are working on a new Picture Round that kind of sums up the current state of our political system… Clowns! Yes we’ve taken images of 12 Politicians that are central to the Brexit

We’ll Turn Your Snaps Into Your Own Unique Digital Art

Here’s some amazing technology that will turn any mobile phone snaps into your very own personal digital art. As a Graphic Designer with over thirty years experience I’ve probably used the majority of computer programmes, filters and online web apps

Enjoy A Fabulous 50% Off February!

Enjoy A Fabulous 50% Off February!

Fancy a 50% discount on every Quiz you purchase in February? Yes, you read it right, every single Quiz you buy in February could be half price! What’s the catch? No catch. All you need to do is sign up

New Secret Santa Picture Rounds for 2018

Secret Santas 2018

It’s that time of year again already! The Festive Season is fast approaching and for Christmas 2018 we will be creating a whole new set of Secret Santa Picture Rounds. You seemed to like the format of our Halloween Celebrity

The QuizMaker site is now super secure!

The QuizMaker is now super secure with HTTPS

We’ve recently made some major ‘under the hood’ changes to our website. These updates should speed up the site and make your visit to The QuizMaker completely secure. Super secure surfing We have installed what’s known as HTTPS, a security

10 Free Quizzes for the 1,000th Download

1000th download

We are fast approaching our 1,000th download on The QuizMaker site. It’s such a milestone we are going to give away 10 free Quizzes to the person who makes that download. Who can enter? You don’t have to be a

Get a Quiz for a Quid!

Quiz for a Quid

Every month we will choose one of our Quizzes and make it a Quiz for a Quid! That’s right just £1 for 40 Questions, a Picture Round and a Wild Card! To get your Quiz for a Quid go to

Twelve Months, No Updates?

12 months since we updated

Ironic isn’t it. The last time we updated the blog we were making a tongue in cheek reference to the fact that we don’t do updates very often [because we are so busy adding new quizzes] and yet nearly twelve

Four Months, No Updates…

Time Passing

We’ve been a bit quiet on the updates front but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been updating… we just haven’t been updating the updates! The good news is we have been adding to the content of the site. There’s loads

Third Batch Of Quizzes Uploaded

Now the site is up and running we can start to concentrate on getting the Quizzes checked, branded and uploaded. Over the weekend we got the third batch of Quizzes, Numbers 17, 18, 19 and 20 done. There’s the usual

Second Batch Of Quizzes Plus Updates

The build of the site has taken much of our available time but here’s a second batch of Quizzes uploaded, numbered 011 through to 013. We have also been through the previous 10 Quizzes and replaced some of the original

First Batch Of Quizzes Uploaded

Princess Leia

That’s the first batch of Quizzes uploaded, numbered 001 through to 010. The Quizzes are going to be sequentially batched into sections of 10. Each Quiz contains the Questions, a Picture Round and a Wild Card. The Questions are supplied