Quiz 061 – Crisps Picture Round

Britains favourite snack... but can you guess the crisps flavour from the packaging alone?

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They may have been bringing the flavour since 1948 but what flavour are these?

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These fizzy melted snacks might 'train your tongue to twist with the tongue tingling crisp' but what do they taste of?

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Not a well known crisp but what locally influenced essence are these?

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Slim and slender, long and twisted but what do these savoury snacks smack of?

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These Wotsits are really what flavour of corn puffs?

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These extruded corn snacks had the strapline 'Eat the Freak!' but what the freak did these ones taste of?

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The clue to the taste of these sensational crisps may be in the image, just saying! What flavour are they?

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It's not hard to guess that these are bacon flavour snacks... but what kind of bacon?

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A corner shop classic but what were these ones meant to taste of?

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A far superior crisp to Walkers (IMHO) what classic flavour were these blue packaged beauties?

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Available in three delicious versions (all sensational in mix up combos) what flavour are these?

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And your final flavour, what 'cool' sounding taste were these Dorito's branded?

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