Quiz Number 031 with Famous Australians Picture Round

Quiz 031s Featured Image is from the Famous Australians Picture RoundBonzer questions ranging from Bondi Blue to Bayern Munich. The Picture Round is on Famous Australians and the Wild Card is a cost conundrum about the computer that saved Apple from oblivion.

Sample Questions

Here’s four samples from the 40 (plus bonus) questions included in the download. The samples are from each of the four themed rounds, General Knowledge, Music, Sport and Film & TV. The download contains 1 x PDF with the answers under each question, 1 x PDF without the answers (if you fancy playing yourself!) and a text version so you can copy and paste into your own Quiz format.

Q10. What revolutionary product launched in early 1998 could you originally buy only in Bondi Blue but by 1999 it was also available in Blueberry, Strawberry, Lime, Tangerine and Grape colours? Reveal Answer...

Q13. 12:51, Reptilia and Juicebox were all UK top twenty hits for which rock band from New York City in the early 2000s?

Q27. In the 1990 World Cup, which team did England beat to get into the semi-finals? Reveal Answer...

Q31. Which famous star of TV and film is known as Topolino in Italy?

Famous Australians Picture Round

Quiz 031 Famous Australians

Quiz 031s Famous Australians Picture Round… can you name them?

Above is a low-res sample of Quiz 031s Famous Australians Picture Round. Can you put a name to these famous past and present people from the land down under? The Picture Round download is a two page high quality PDF with the answers on page 2.

The Wild Card

Quiz 031s Wild Card question is a cost conundrum about the original 1998 Bondi Blue iMac.

The Wild Card download contains a single page PDF with the question, answer and the source of the answer.

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