Quiz 076 – Bottled Beers Picture Round

The name on these bottles has been ‘warped’ so you can’t read them. Can you name the beer brands pictured from the bottle shape, colour and label design?

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Here's the first of 12 bottled beers with the brand name scrambled... can you name the beer from the bottles label?

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Here's your second beer, any idea what this brand is?

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Here's your third beer, fairly easy this one...

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The fourth beer is often served with a bit of zest, know what brand it is?

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Your fifth beer is a 'premium' bold flavored, hearty lager. Know what it is?

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Half way through, how do you think you are doing? Here's beer number six, if  you don't know it look closely there's a clue...

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Bottle number seven. If your not familiar with this one study it closely, you might get a hint! Any ideas?

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Beer number eight is the fairly well known 'King of Beers' recognise it?

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Bottle number nine is a bit obscure but a particular favourite of The QuizMaker! Again if you're clueless look very closely you might spot a lead... got it?

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Bottle number ten is also a bit of an unknown... don't recognise it? With just three left it's maybe time for an educated guess.

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This last but one brand has been around for a while... can you put a name to it?

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And finally, renowned worldwide, what's this classic holiday brand?

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