Get 50 Percent Off Everything in February

Fancy a 50% discount on every Quiz you purchase in February? Yes, you read it right, every single Quiz you buy in February could be half price! We ran this promo in 2019 and it was well received so let’s do it again.

What’s the catch?

No catch. All you need to do is sign up to The QuizMaker Mailing List, our monthly bulletin that we send out to highlight the latest Quizzes uploaded, the current Quiz for a Quid and your exclusive member discount codes. Plus when you become a member we give you a code with which you can download any Quiz on the site for free!

So to recap, join the QuizMaker Mailing List and get:

One free Quiz discount worth £6

Another discount code that will allow you to download unlimited Quizzes throughout February for half price

Monthly updates of the latest Quizzes to be uploaded to the site

What the Quiz for a Quid is for the current month

Other exclusive Mailing List Subscriber offers

We only send out the one bulletin every month so we promise you won’t be bombarded with endless email nonsense and don’t worry, our mailing list is not shared with anyone… we really do value your membership!

Sound good?

Fancy it? Then this is how to join our Mailing List and get access to the exclusive discount codes…

  1. Go to the Join Our Mailing List page here
  2. Fill in the details required
  3. Click subscribe

After a few minutes you will get an email to confirm you wish to subscribe to our Mailing list.

Click ‘Yes, subscribe me to this list’

  1. You will then be presented with a page asking you to ‘Confirm Humanity’. Yes I know, ridiculous… but this is what  internet security is like these days!
  2. Tick the ‘I’m not a robot’ checkbox and then click ‘Subscribe to list’
  3. That’s it. You are subscribed to The QuizMaker Mailing List!

After another couple of minutes you will receive a second email entitled Thanks for subscribing! This email shows your Free Quiz Discount Code for this month. To find the Fabulous 50% February Discount code you need to read the February mailer so follow the instructions below:

  1. Towards the end of the paragraph starting ‘We promise…’ click the link to see the emails we have sent out so far
  2. This opens The QuizMaker Email Campaign Archive
  3. Click the link to the latest bulletin at the top of the list, sent out 04/02/2020
  4. Your multi-use 50% Discount Code is under the first highlight – 50% Subscriber Discount All Month!

That’s it, thanks for subscribing and enjoy your totally free download plus an entire month of half-price Quizzes!