Time Passing

We’ve been a bit quiet on the updates front but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been updating… we just haven’t been updating the updates!

The good news is we have been adding to the content of the site. There’s loads of new Quizzes, Picture Rounds and now Special Quizzes.

Since the last update post on the site we have added a further 10 Quizzes (21 – 30) with the usual 40 well researched Questions plus a wide variety of Picture Rounds such as Quiz 24s expansive name the American State Capitals Picture Round and Quiz 27s more thought provoking ‘Famous Last Words’.

Bond-Barrel-GraphicOver the last couple of months we have also completed a commissioned special Quiz on Bond, which was really interesting. That prompted the addition of a Special Quizzes section to the downloads where the the Questions and Picture Round are all about a single subject and designed with a theme relating to that subject. So far we have a couple of Bond Quizzes and a Halloween Quiz (which coming up to Christmas is a little pointless to download now but bookmark it for next year!). That leads us nicely onto the Christmas Quizzes.

We’ll be uploading two or maybe even three specially themed Christmas Quizzes over the next couple of weeks, so if you have a Christmas Night Quiz planned at your pub, club or venue, relax, we’ve done the hard work. Just download the Christmas themed Questions, Picture Round and Wild Card and your Christmas Quiz Night will be sorted, remember these Quizzes have already been tested on a live audience and went down very well. There’s even have a couple of multi-media Christmas Quizzes in our database, we may have to work on the formats for those so that they work for everyone but they did go down a storm in 2013 and 2014 at our local pub.