We started building this site way back in January 2015 but started thinking about this idea in 2013… so it’s taken some time to get to the stage where we could go live. We do hope you like the end result!

As mentioned on the home page this site is primarily for those who research and write Quizzes but anyone can download the Questions to test their knowledge, all we ask is the price of a beer for our hard work.

There are only a few Quizzes up at the moment but we are working our way through a backlog of 170 plus, double checking the questions, branding them up as TheQuiz and making sure they are fit for purpose. We reckon from going live we will be uploading between one and three Quizzes per week so bear with us while we populate the site with content.

The site is new so there may be some glitches to contend with but we will do our best, just let us know if you have any issues.

If you do notice something that isn’t working quite right please use the Contact Form and choose the ‘Message About’ subject as ‘Website Issue’… and cheers for the feedback.