Welcome to our New Look Website

We’ve changed!

But it’s all good – it’s been in the in the works for months but we’ve finally launched our new look website. It’s the same familiar design but it’s built on a brand new up to date theme which means it should be faster, more robust and more importantly gives us loads more scope for adding new features and interactive content in the future.

Like all updates we may have a few teething troubles moving forward so if you do notice anything that doesn’t quite work like it used to please drop us a message explaining the issue using our Contact Form and we’ll get right onto fixing it.

We’d love to hear your general feedback too, if there is a feature you would like added to the website to make it easier to find the quizzes you want or a ‘build your own quiz’ function for instance let us know using the Contact Form. We are always interested in what our users want from the site and we’ll publish your ideas ideas on a new features list.

We are really excited about the possibilities this new website gives us for the future of The QuizMaker and hope you guys love it as much as we do.