Secret Santa Picture Rounds

Click the image to get a larger view of these two example celebs from our 2018 Secret Santa Picture Rounds

It’s that time of year again already! The Festive Season is fast approaching and for Christmas 2018 we will be creating a whole new set of Secret Santa Picture Rounds.

You seemed to like the format of our Halloween Celebrity Vampires and Witches Picture Rounds in October. So much so that we are beavering away on a new set of Secret Santa Picture Rounds in a similar style.

There will be a broad selection of famous people in the 2018 Secret Santa Picture Rounds. We are thinking politicians to pop stars and sports personalities to film icons, both classic and current. So there should be some famous people that are recognisable for everyone from teenagers to those of a more mature age.

These new Picture Rounds will compliment any of our five Christmas Question packs for a fab festive themed Quiz.

If you are planning a 2018 Christmas Quiz, make sure to keep checking our site. The latest Celebrity Secret Santa Picture Rounds will be available soon. Out now, here’s the link…

We are also thinking of a Celebrity Christmas Baubles Picture Round too! Out now, here’s the link…

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