Clowns Election Composition

In celebration of the upcoming election we are working on a new Picture Round that kind of sums up the current state of our political system… Clowns!

Yes we’ve taken images of 12 Politicians that are central to the Brexit farce, the hamstrung Parliament and the upcoming election that nobody wants, photoshopped them into clown suits and added some ridiculous clown make up. All you’ll have to do is guess name the clown, sorry politician!

Above is our three tests we have so far and we think they look pretty good. Maybe a tad easy due to the composition of the clowns in front of the background but we’ll choose some slightly more obscure ones for the final version.

Our Political Clowns Picture Round should be out in the next couple of weeks once we’ve got all 12 compositions done so keep an eye out on social media. There’s one thing for certain, the Picture Round will be far more entertaining than this farce that is the the upcoming election.

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