The QuizMaker is now super secure with HTTPS

We’ve recently made some major ‘under the hood’ changes to our website. These updates should speed up the site and make your visit to The QuizMaker completely secure.

Super secure surfing

We have installed what’s known as HTTPS, a security protocol that encrypts all traffic between your browser and our website.

In English this means that your connection to is 100% secure. Any information you now choose to share with us, your email address for instance, cannot be read by a third party in transit. This is because any data that passes from your computer to our website is now encrypted (scrambled in code).

This HTTPS security protocol was first invented for protecting internet payment transactions. Preventing hackers from stealing credit card details by eavesdropping or intercepting data in transit. It is now common for all websites to use this kind of security to protect their users data.

Security has always been a priority

The QuizMaker website has always used PayPal for transactions. This means when you buy a Quiz from us you leave our site and link to the super secure PayPal servers to add your payment details. So as a valued customer this highly sensitive data was never at risk anyway. The addition of HTTPS just now means you can rest assured that all data you choose to share with us is safe and secure.

We have been meaning to add this extra level of security for some time. The ideal opportunity came about when we recently moved our website to a faster, more reliable hosting service.

Enjoy browsing The QuizMaker’s super secure and (hopefully) lightening quick website!