Digital Art - BMW

Here’s some amazing technology that will turn any mobile phone snaps into your very own personal digital art.

As a Graphic Designer with over thirty years experience I’ve probably used the majority of computer programmes, filters and online web apps out there to try and get a passable version of a sketch or painting style from an image. Some give interesting effects, some really do enhance images but up to date I’ve found nothing that gives a realistic portrayal of a hand rendered image. Then whilst researching different effects I could use for our Picture Rounds I came across some new technology that blew me away!

Head turning results

Rather than waffle on about how brilliant this is technically let’s just show you a few examples. Use the slider on the images below to see the before and after… by the way, these are standard images taken on my iPhone and I’m by no means a great photographer!

Digital Art BMW beforeDigital Art BMW after

Style: Technical Drawing (Click here for a hi res version)


Triumph originalTriumph with pencil and watercolour wash

Style: Pencil & Watercolour (Click here for a hi res version)


Digital Art BMW beforeDigital Art BMW after

Style: Pen & Ink (Click here for a hi res version)


Couple BeforeCouple After

Style: Watercolour


Triumph originalTriumph Tech Drawing Neg

Style: Technical Drawing (Negative) (Click here for a hi res version)


Presentation beforePresentation after

Style: Chalk & Charcoal


Triumph originalTriumph in gouache and ink

Style: Gouache & Pencils (Click here for a hi res version)


Fido beforeFido after

Style: Pencils & Ink (Click here for a hi res version)


Making Digital Art Example

Style: Pen & Ink Wash (To see an animation of the making of this image choose… Large Animation or Small Animation – the large version may take a while to play on a slow connection)

Want your very own Digital Art?

Whether you want a personalised desktop background of your motorbike for a laptop or a huge original framed piece of your family for the dining room this process is ideal… and for our introductory offer of just £6 per image it’s a bargain! Plus you don’t pay a thing until you have seen your image and are happy with the result.

Here’s how to order your own personal Digital Art:

  1. Choose a suitable image. It should be in focus and with a reasonable area around the main subject matter, see the example images above.
  2. Email, attach your image and state which of the effects above you want.
  3. We will email you back within a day or so an example of your Digital Art.
  4. If you are happy with the example, just respond to the email approving us to go ahead.
  5. Once approved we will send you a PayPal Invoice for £6 which you can pay online by Credit or Debit Card.
  6. When we receive payment we will email you the image in full resolution. You can then use your image to order large prints, framed versions, T-shirts, place mats, mugs… whatever you wish!

Laptop with Digital Art

Any queries on this Digital Art offer just drop me a line to