Xmas Quiz 02s Featured Image is from the Secret Santas Stars Picture RoundFestive questions ranging from Mistletoe and Wine to Christmas Carols. There’s a choice of five Secret Santas Picture Rounds and the Wild Card is a Box Office bamboozler about the film Elf.

Sample Questions

Here’s four samples from the 40 (plus bonus) Christmas themed questions included in the download. The samples are from each of four rounds, Xmas General Knowledge, Xmas Hits, Xmas Songs and Xmas Film & TV. The download contains 1 x PDF with the answers under each question, 1 x PDF without the answers (if you fancy playing yourself!) and a text version so you can copy and paste into your own Quiz format.

Q01. In Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol where did Ebenezer Scrooge first see the ghost of Jacob Marley? Reveal Answer...

Q15. Which band were feeling Lonely This Christmas in 1974? Reveal Answer...

Q22. Which bed manufacturer shares its name with a Christmas carol? Reveal Answer...

Q36. In the 1992 Christmas special, what did Mr Bean give his teddy bear as a Christmas present? Reveal Answer...

Secret Santas Picture Round

Below are low-res samples of our five Secret Santa Picture Rounds. Can you name the 12 celebrities / famous people / footballers behind the Santa beards? The Picture Round downloads are high quality two page PDFs with the Picture Round on page 1 the answer sheet on page 2.

Xmas Quiz 02 Secret Santas

There are five options for Christmas Quiz 02s Picture Round, there’s Secret Santas I (above) or…

Xmas Quiz 02 Picture Round is Secret Santas II

Secret Santas II (above) and in 2018…

Xmas Quiz 02 Secret Santas III

we added Secret Santas III (above), and also…

Xmas Quiz 02 Secret Santas IV

Secret Santas IV (above).

Footballs Secret Santas

New for 2023 we’ve created this Football Secret Santas Picture Round. We asked Artificial Inteligence to generate these football managers, pundits and players disguised as Santa. Can you guess who they are supposed to be?

Instructions for download

Just make a note of which of the above Picture Rounds you want to download, Secret Santas I, II, III, IV or Football Secret Santas then click the matching tick box(es) under Downloads below.

The Wild Card

Christmas Quiz 02s Wild Card is a Box Office bamboozler about the 2003 festive film Elf.

The Wild Card download contains a single page PDF with the question, answer and the source of the answer as a link.

Free Christmas Themed Answer Sheets

To compliment our Christmas Quizzes we have a choice of Festive Answer Sheets which you can download for free! Just click the thumbnails below to download the PDFs.

Festive Answer Sheet: Design 1

Festive Answer Sheet: Design 2


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