Quizzes 161-170 will all have the usual four rounds of superb questions on General Knowledge, Music, Sport and Film & TV along with some pretty brilliant picture rounds. For Quiz 161 we used AI to generate famous people as scary clowns and for Quiz 163 we bought a shed load of chocolate bars, chopped them in half and took photos of the cross section, can you guess the brand? Currently working on Quiz 167, should be out soon.

Quiz Number 161 with a Scary Clowns Picture Round

Batty questions from the King of the Fairies to Rusty Ryan. The Picture Round is Scary Clowns and the Wild Card is a is a pooch statistic about the 1996 101 Dalmatians movie.

Quiz Number 162 with an Aussie Critters Picture Round

Beastly questions from an Aussie critter to The Mighty Pigs. The Picture Round is on Aussie Critters and the Wild Card is a longevity fact about that best ever boyband Take That. Click the link for more info or tick the boxes below for a quick purchase.

Quiz Number 163 with a Chocolate Bars Picture Round

Reticular questions from Rikki-Tikki-Tavi to the balalaika. The Picture Round is on Chocolate Bars and the Wild Card is a fecundity fact about the pint sized Prince of Pop.

Quiz Number 164 with a Spring Flowers Picture Round

Roving questions from Cape Agulhas to the Roland Garros. The Picture Round is on Spring Flowers and the Wild Card is a binge watch stat about the Breaking Bad Box Set.

Quiz Number 165 with a National Animals Picture Round

Bogey questions from Burma to The Golden Bear. The Picture Round is on National Animals and the Wild Card is a clarty charty stat about the 70’s group Mud.

Quiz Number 166 with a Euro 2024 Badges Picture Round

Tropical questions from coconuts to Cool Runnings. The Picture Round is on Euro 2024 Badges and the Wild Card is a height disparity between two Appalachian peaks.