Quiz 094s Featured Image – Sports Brands A medley of questions from Petrology to Pixie and Dixie. The Picture Round is name the Sports Brands and the Wild Card is an appearance stat about MOTD’s Mr Lineker.

Sample Questions

Here’s four samples from the 40 (plus bonus) questions included in the download. The samples are from each of the four themed rounds, General Knowledge, Music, Sport and Film & TV. The download contains 1 x PDF with the answers under each question, 1 x PDF without the answers (if you fancy playing yourself!) and a text version so you can copy and paste into your own Quiz format if you have one.

Q10. Petrology is a term for the study of the origin, structure, and composition of what? Reveal Answer...

Q12. Which singer had both the number one and number two singles of the UK charts for several weeks at the start of 2017? Reveal Answer...

Q28. Wenlock and Mandeville, the dreadful London 2012 Olympic mascots, were described by one Canadian newspaper as the product of a “drunken one-night stand between a Teletubby and…” what other well known TV character? Reveal Answer...

Q33. What was the name of the cat who chased Pixie and Dixie in the Hannah Barbera cartoon series? Reveal Answer...

Sports Brands Picture Round

Quiz 094s Picture Round – Sports Brands

Quiz 94s Picture Round is can you name these 12 Sports Brands from these extreme crops of bits from their logos?

Above is a low-res sample of the Quiz 094s Sports Brands Picture Round. Can you name the Sports Brand from these tight crops of part of their logos? The Picture Round download is a three page high quality PDF with the answers on page 2and the logos in all their glory on page 3.

The Wild Card

Quiz 094s Wild Card Question is a MOTD statistic about a certain Mr Lineker?

The Wild Card download contains a single page PDF with the question, answer and the source of the answer as a link.


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